To keep your skin looking and feeling its best during the changing seasons, you might need to introduce a new product or two into your beauty routine.

the Bridges have picked out some beauty essentials they can’t do without this autumn/winter season…


1. Debenhams, Clinique Face Scrub


Clinique Face Scrub

As we move into autumn and winter, it’s essential to look after your skin in the changing weather. A good face scrub will fend off oil and dead skin and reduce ingrown hairs, giving you one less thing to worry about when you shave.

Price £21


2. Lush, Coconut Scrubby Roulade

Coconut Scrubby Roulade

Ground coconut shell, ground rice and ground almonds add a natural exfoliate to this shower smoothie while rich coconut oil moisturises your skin to leave your skin feeling soft and pampered.

Price £11.94 / 120g


3. Boots, Garnier Pure Active Matcha Detox Pore Unclogging Face Mask

Garnier Pure Active Matcha Detox Pore Unclogging Face Mask

There’s nothing better than getting home after a long day, putting your feet up and applying a face mask. If your complexion needs a bit of extra TLC, then a pore-unclogging will do just the trick to refresh your skin.

Price £5.99


4. Body Shop, Moringa Softening Body Butter

Moringa Softening Body Butter

The colder weather can play havoc on your skin, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Avoid drying out by investing in a good moisturiser. The Body Shop uses natural products and the best thing is, they’ll leave you smelling divine.

Price £15


5. Debenhams, Elemis Smooth Result Shave and Beard Oil

Elemis Smooth Result Shave and Beard Oil

Colder weather can be drying on hair, so it’s important to remember to pay a bit of extra attention to your beard. Packed with nourishing jojoba, hazelnut and grapeseed oils, this product will keep your beard looking healthy and shiny.

Price £23

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