If you fancy a true taste of the North East, you don’t have to go far! Sunderland is home to a number of North East delicacies – some of which you can buy in and around the city and some you need to try to make at home! 

Pink Slice

The humble Pink Slice is considered Wearside’s best, most beloved, treat. A real dessert of dreams. Think sweet and fruity jam, sandwiched between two shortbread slices and covered in a thick layer of sweet pink icing. They’re sold in cafes all over Sunderland and not to be underestimated! The perfect sugar fix!


No North East bakery is complete without the stottie! Essentially a flat, round loaf, it’s the region’s most-loved bread bun, which can be split in half and filled with your favourite spread, meats, cheese or salad, toasted or dunked into a hearty helping of soup. Nab one from your nearest bakery, fresh from the oven, and enjoy!

Pease pudding

When it comes to beloved North East grub, pease pudding is up there with the best of the best! A thick, savoury paste, made from split yellow peas, it’s usually spread on a stotties and paired with thick slices of salty ham. Considered the region’s Marmite, you either love it or hate it, but we think it makes for the perfect lunchtime snack! Say yes to a sarnie or two, or eat it as a dip.

Saveloy dip

In other words… the North East’s legendary sandwich! Picture this: a soft, floury roll, filled with smoked sausage, pease pudding, mustard and sage and onion stuffing, dipped in tons of gravy. What’s not to love? Totally calorific, but absolutely delicious. The perfect comfort food, if you ask us!


Panacalty warms the cockles like no other. Traditionally cooked on a Monday and made from Sunday lunch leftovers, this hearty casserole dish is still one of the North East’s most loved meals. It’s made up of layers of meat and vegetables, including potatoes, onions, carrot, corned beef or bacon, all of which are left to bake throughout the day in an oven pot on low heat, or cooked slowly on a low heat in a pan – hence the name!

Singin’ hinnies

The North East’s answer to pancakes, these sweet, scone-like griddle cakes go down a treat with everyone – including the kids. Best served piping hot, straight from the skillet, with lashings of cream and jam. The ‘singin’ refers to the sounds of the sizzling lard (or butter) while the little treats cook in the pan. We can’t get enough of them! 

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