Looking for the best coffee Sunderland has to offer? We love a good coffee kick when we’re out and about in our beautiful city – who doesn’t?

Whether you’re in need of a morning boost, afternoon lift or evening warmer, never go without good coffee again after reading our guide to the 10 best coffee shops in Sunderland…


Little Shop


Little Shop coffee shop in Sunderland


Formally Holmeside Takeout, Little Shop is a gem of a coffee shop on the high street that’s bursting with character despite its humble size. They do great takeout coffee and have a fridge full of intriguing craft beers too if you’re feeling like a quick tipple. Coffees and beers? What a dream! 



Fausto Coffee


Fausto Coffee coffee shop in Sunderland


Connoisseurs when it comes to caffeine, Fausto Coffee have been making a stir with their delectable drinks down on Marine Walk. Once you’ve got your coffee on, why not accompany it with one of their brekkie bagels. No prizes for guessing the fillings, bacon and sausage bring a bit of simplicity back to your breakfast. If it’s not broken don’t fix it!



Grinder Coffee Co


Grinder Coffee Co coffee shop in Sunderland


This independent coffee shop located just outside of the city centre is home to some smashing coffee and mouth watering baked goods made fresh in the shop! Let’s start with the coffee. They’ve got everything you’d want and more, from the humble Americano to the adventurous Turmeric Organic Latte. It’s honestly one of the most expansive coffee menus we’ve ever seen. Now to the baked goods. These homemade sweet treats are just incredible, the Kinder Bueno Brownie has got to be the highlight for us. Grinder Coffee Co has it all!





CoffeeHaus coffee shop in Sunderland


We all love a little coffee kick in the morning and CoffeeHaus on St.Thomas Street does it just the way we like it. By that we mean with lush locally sourced coffee from North Shields and indulgent tray bakes from Sunderland’s Whipped Goods Co. Lush and local are two word’s we’re big fans of here at vibe and CoffeeHaus provides them both in spades.



Yolo Coffee & Kitchen


YOLO coffee shop in Sunderland


You simply can’t have a Sunderland drink list without mentioning STACK at least once. It might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of getting your coffee fix, but Yolo Coffee & Kitchen is a hidden gem in this shipping container munch mecca. For a great coffee and full english at a great price then you’ve got to stop off at YOLO.



Bungalow Cafe


Bungalow Cafe coffee shop in Sunderland


This traditional cafe on Roker seafront may not look like much from the outside, but that’s because it is apparently one of the oldest cafes in England! Looks aren’t everything though, and this humble shop definitely delivers in quality. They do lush coffees that you can enjoy whilst looking over the breathtaking sea views. This is a proper seaside cafe with character!



Love Lily Tearoom


Love Lily coffee shop in Sunderland


Are we breaking the rules including this lovely tearoom on our list? Absolutely not! Love Lily not only does fantastic teas, they do incredible coffees too. So, grab a cup and indulge in some of their mouthwatering sweet bites whilst enjoying your seafront view. What a treat!



The Good Apple Cafe


The Good Apple Cafe coffee shop in Sunderland


Calling all veggies and vegans, this one’s for you! The Good Apple Cafe is a brilliant vegetarian cafe situated on Derwent Street. They do tasty coffees with any milk alternatives you’d like, from oat to almond and everything in between. They’ve got loads of beautiful veggie scran on the menu too that’ll pair perfectly with your frothy coffee!



Cole Kitchen


Cole Kitchen coffee shop in Sunderland


Proudly making everything in-house, Cole Kitchen serves up deliciously out-of-the-box breakfast sandwiches that pair perfectly with their freshly brewed cups of coffee. These aren’t your average sarnies, their Bodega sandwich pairs cured streaky bacon with smoked cheddar, egg and house chilli jam on brioche bread for a flavorful bite. Coffee and scran done right!


Fat Unicorn 


Fat Unicorn coffee shop in Sunderland


Why not grab a coffee at one of the coolest new businesses in town? Fat Unicorn is a deli situated at Mackies Corner and since it’s arrival in late 2020 it’s been an instant high street hit. Stocking a variety of lush local produce, beers, food and more, Fat Unicorn is a must visit when you’re heading into the city for a coffee fix!


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