Digital students were provided with an exclusive insight into the amination industry by one of the UK’s leading animation studios.

Award-winning animation studio, Blue Zoo, delivered an exciting live stream presentation, via YouTube, to first and second year NextGen Games, Animation and VFX students. The presentation also included an exclusive screening of BlueZoo’s BAFTA nominated short film, Mamoom.

Tom and Ben from Blue Zoo, who are based in London, started by showing their demo reel and gave students an understanding of what their company does and how it operates. They then talked about the processes they went through to create their short film. Following the talk, Blue Zoo conducted a live Q&A session where students were able to interact and ask questions.

Matt Hall, NextGen Lecturer at Sunderland College, said: “This is such a fantastic opportunity for students to experience a unique animated short from one of the UK’s leading animation companies. We were just as excited to experience the film as the students were!”

Students will use the information they learned to develop their own animation projects and ideas for animated films.

NextGen student, Max Ansell, said:“It was a really good insight into how a company operates and produces their animations. The film itself allowed your imagination to interpret the visuals as you please and the visuals were incredible.”

NextGen student, Alex Thursby, said: “The whole presentation by Blue Zoo was really well planned, from the initial presentation and explanation of their processes to the screening of the film, and ending on the really thorough answering of student questions. The information was exactly what I wanted to hear and really gave me a good understanding of the animation industry and what life would be like working there. It also gave me lots of ideas of how I can improve my own workflows and create more unique animations.”

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