The new and quirky art exhibition, ‘TOY’ by Chad McCail, will be landing at Sunderland’s Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art this February…

Artist Chad McCail has spent three years creating this exciting exhibition, which started on Friday 14 February.

It’s his first work realised as a sculptural gallery-scale installation that commands the entire gallery space.

This exhibition presents an enormous three-dimensional cityscape, which contains all of the institutions we encounter across our own life cycle, including schools, workplaces, hospitals, military sites, and beyond. The whole human life is here it seems.

Among the array of buildings, a battle is being fought between two sets of gigantic mythical creatures. The city is more like a toyscape than architectural model. And in McCail’s work, everything is transfigured into a mythical space, in which life as we know it is lived out at one remove – and realistic scenarios seem closer to science-fiction than fact, while simultaneously appearing all too real.

The work is full of extraordinary details which creates an intense and almost surreal experience for visitors.

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