Get that big light off! If you’re going to be at home for the foreseeable future, make sure you think about your energy use around the house. As much as we’d like to stay in bed all day with the blinds down, get up, turn the lights off and keep the curtains open throughout the day.

During the colder April days (trust us, there’ll be plenty!), wrap up warm in cosy hoodies or bundle up on the sofa in your duvet while watching Sunderland ‘Til I Die, or reading the latest crime novel!


We’re being told to avoid the supermarkets and shops unless absolutely necessary, but what if you’re out of household must-haves, such as cleaning products?

Don’t fear! For those in need of great quality cleaning products to keep their space as hygienic as possible, why not have a go at making them yourself at home? You’ll save money and have a bit of fun, too!

Our Vibe all-purpose cleaning spray recipe is a real cracker – and it’ll have your house gleaming in no time!

• 1 part white wine vinegar
• 1 part water
• 3/4 drops o


Instead of stocking up on tons of bottled water, save the planet (and your bank account and back from carrying it all) by picking up an eco-friendly water bottle and filling it up with good old tap water. If you feel iffy about drinking from the tap, you can always filter your water with a compostable charcoal stick, or add your favourite dilute juice for a fruity twist.


Whether you have a blocked nose, sore eyes due to seasonal allergies or just feeling teary after binge-watching chick flicks on Netflix, remember to save on disposable paper products, such as toilet paper and kitchen roll, and use an old-school handkerchief instead. It’s a small, but great, way to help reduce waste and keep those precious toilet rolls stored away for emergencies only!


First and foremost, head to your independent foodie stores, corner shops or village markets to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables for the weeks ahead. Helping your local businesses out is a great way of supporting the community during this scary and unsettling time. Then, head straight to the freezer to store your chosen goods. It’s a great way to make ingredients go further, feed more mouths and cut down on food waste.

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