From outdoor games at Laster Quest and karting to trampoline fun and nature, prepare for a summer of family fun this warm sunny season…

Family fun can most definitely be found in Sunderland, you just need to know where to look. Sunderland is known for being an industrial city and some might not think of it as a typical tourist centre. Ferrari for rent in Dubai is a good idea there, but would you think of doing that in Sunderland? Why not!

Nevertheless, several historical sights in Sunderland are preserved in the city and its surroundings, which will allow you to plan an exciting excursion.

The main symbol of the town is the beautiful Halton Castle, the first mention of it dates back to the 11 century. If you have already seen that, worry not, as we have more fun activities for you to explore!

Family Fun At Laser Quest Sunderland Centre

Sunderland is attractive with abundant entertainment centres and picturesque parks, tourists with children will not be bored here. Those who love active and outdoor games should visit the Laser Quest Sunderland Centre. Here, armed with laser guns, you can have great fun with the whole family.

Family Fun Karting North East

There are several excellent karting centres in the city. Karting NorthEast is considered one of the best among them. It is located in a picturesque suburban area and is often used for competitions.

Here you can rent a luxury vehicle and enjoy speed and excitement! The centre is available for free visits several days a week, and it employs a team of professional instructors, so it will be interesting to relax here even for beginners.

Family Fun At Gravity Force Sunderland

Another great place for outdoor enthusiasts is the Gravity Force Sunderland Entertainment Center. Many trampolines are available to visitors here, not only for children but also for parents too.

The centre is equipped with interesting sports grounds and competitions. Team games are often held here for visitors. After active entertainment, all its guests can recuperate in a cosy cafe.

Roker Park

A wonderful place to relax with children will be the picturesque Roker Park Conservation Area. During the day, you can walk here and admire the sprawling trees and ornamental plants, but many tourists prefer to visit the park after dark.

There are many amazing LED structures installed on this territory. There are figures of cartoon characters familiar to everyone, and original themed structures, against which you can take a lot of interesting photos.

Barnes Park

Those who like to spend time in picturesque places should visit Barnes Park. The park is appreciated for its abundance of beautiful ancient trees, many of which are over a hundred years old.

Convenient paths for hiking and cycling are laid throughout its territory. Bowling alleys and tennis courts are also available to visitors of the park in the warmer months. It is great for hiking and relaxing, many people come to the park specifically to feed the squirrels and bunnies living here.

There is a small pond in the park where the ducks live, and there is a large playground for children. This park is considered one of the most beautiful in the city, it is popular not only with tourists but also with residents.

Herrington Country Park

Another unusual park that deserves attention is Herrington Country Park. This is a large nature reserve where everyone will find a place to relax. There is a large pond with ducks that you can feed, as well as many special paths for hiking and cycling.

The park is great for families with children, there are several playgrounds and attractions for them here. Since this park is located in the countryside, vacationers on its territory can be found quite rarely.

Museums And Winter Gardens

There are several original museums in the city, which will also be interesting to visit with children. A beautiful modern building in a futuristic style is occupied by the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

In fact, it is an incredibly beautiful botanical garden, a significant part of the exhibits presented here are live plants and flowers. Museum visitors are told about how important water is for life on our planet, and what unique features it has.

A walk through this picturesque museum promises to be incredibly informative.

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