Sunderland Vibe’s 2020 top picks for kids board games to keep the whole family entertained at home. Here’s what we’re playing with the family this winter…


Roker Park Jigsaw Puzzle














Be sure to take a look at the beautiful 400-piece jigsaw of Roker Park Stadium!

While we eagerly await the first game back at the Stadium of Light, this stellar jigsaw piece from Sports Stadia Art is the next best thing to get your football fix.

Featuring fantastic art by the incredibly talented James Muddiman, it’s the perfect piece of nostalgia entertainment for the football fanatics in your household.



SAFC Trivia Cards

This super simple yet super Sunderland- specific trivia game guarantees to challenge both young and old Mackems to the max.

It’s 50 cards strong with 200 trivia questions on everything related to Sunderland AFC – think of it as a pub quiz sports round in your living room!

Do you know which goalkeeper holds the most appearances for the Black Cats? Who is SAFC’s most capped player ever? These terrific trivia cards hold all the answers!



Throw Throw Burrito














Make sure you clear away the festive feast before getting this game out!

This energetic game sees players go head-to- head following on-card instructions and then attempt to hit loved ones with a super-soft toy burrito.

It may be a good idea to move anything delicate before you commence, but it’ll be well worth the effort. Expect hysterics around the table with this one!




A superb game to put players of different ages into teams and pit their knowledge against each other.

From remembering the Olympic ring hues to the costumes of the Teletubbies, this game is all about colour.

Exceedingly simple and super easy to play – and with 300 questions available, there’ll be something for all members of your bubble.



Herd Mentality














The latest from Big Potato Games is this nifty party piece where the most obvious answer wins.

It’s pretty much a card game equivalent of Pointless, just the other way round! Write your answers down and if you’re in the majority, you win – but, if you’re not with the “herd” then you’ll be stuck with the pink cow.

This comes complete with a tactile cow print box that’ll look good on any shelf after the festivities have finished.



Pacman Monopoly














We’ve searched high and low for a Sunderland AFC Monopoly board this year, but it looks like Santa and his elves have either sold out or just not bothered to make any – we’ll let you decide that one.

However, we do have our eyes set on Pacman’s 40th anniversary Monopoly board and it’s one of the best about.

Instead of money, it’s all about racking up points and on each turn, moving your icon and the ghost token. The aim is to get the most points as you race around, accumulating levels whilst avoiding the ghosts.

It also keeps a total of each player’s points, so it helps diffuse any likely cheating squabbles!



Online family activities to stay creative this winter…

If you’re looking for something creative to try with the family then why not check out Sunderland Culture’s huge array of online activities?

From art & craft packs and the hugely popular Rebel Women of Sunderland bedtime stories videos to intergenerational activities to share with your nan – there are plenty of things to try!

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