People of Sunderland and the North East will soon be able to experience Undisclosed, a new gastronomic, upscale dining experience at St. John Street in Sunniside this summer. 


Here’s everything you need to know…



D’Acqua has been taken over by the owner of Emily’s Table to reopen the restaurant as a gastronomic dining experience.

Christopher Spence, owner of Emily’s Table in Sunderland, has taken over restaurant D’Acqua, and he’s hoping to launch a brand new dining experience in the city on the 17th May, following the recent government announcements. 

The renovation cost around £10,000, and Christopher will be looking to hire experienced kitchen hands, waiting staff and cocktail bartenders to work when the restaurant opens in May.


What will Undisclosed bring to the table?




Good question! Chef Patron, Christopher, was taken in by the hidden bars he visited during his time out in Australia. 

Inspired by secret venues and restaurants off the beaten track, Christopher will be bringing the speakeasy influence to Undisclosed, which is why there will be little outside branding to give the restaurant an exclusive feel. 

Located in the basement of the building, the restaurant will feature a beautiful gastronomy menu and delicious range of molecular cocktails.

Christopher opened Emily’s Table nine months ago, as a fine-dining experience that you can enjoy in your own home. 

Emily’s Table draws upon the knowledge and experience from working with some of the best restaurants  around the world to provide the luxury of private dining in people’s own homes, helping to add a bespoke and personable touch to the fine dining experience.

After seeing that D’Acqua was for sale, he took the opportunity to expand by making an offer to the owners, Jimmy and Hannah Hadforth, bringing the at-home dining into a high-end restaurant that people could enjoy for affordable prices in a fabulous city centre location.

Christopher will be continuing the hard work Jimmy and Hannah have maintained throughout the lockdown by offering the takeaway service until the new restaurant is unveiled in May where he hopes to welcome both existing and new customers alike to his new venture.


An experience unlike anything else in the city… 



Christopher said:

“We are grateful to Jimmy and Hannah Shadforth, current owners of D’Acqua, for the opportunity, and wish them the very best in their new adventure, Jacob’s Pantry, an outside catering business and for allowing us to fulfil our vision for Undisclosed and carry on from everything they have achieved over the last 13 years.”

 “There is no other restaurant in the North-East like Undisclosed, and we are excited to bring this unique experience to Sunderland and welcome old and new clients alike.”


They’re hard at work now painting the walls, installing brand new decor and designing a delicious menu ready for May, check them out via the link below and keep your eyes peeled for more updates!


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