As we say goodbye to 2019 and step into a new year (and a new decade!), now’s a great time to focus on you and say yes to some feel-good fun! Whether it’s reaching for healthier food, doing some good for the environment, or keeping on top of your fitness regime, we’ve got you covered for 2020. Read on and get inspired!

Eat well

Healthy Thaim

Tuck into delicious, fresh-as-can-be treats at Healthy Thaim. Renowned for its nutritious (and Slimming World-friendly!) meals, which stretch from sweet to savoury, it’s a go-to for anyone who fancies cleaning up their diet for 2020 – without restricting those feel-good flavours. Make sure you try their famous Yorkshire pudding wrap, served with a helping of veggies and gravy. Delicious – and much better for you than you might think!


The Good Apple Cafe

Sunderland’s best-loved veggie-vegan spot continues to deliver the meat-free goods in 2020! Pay it a visit and sit down to healthy homemade bakes, superfood daily specials, hearty soup of the day deals and nutritious breakfasts.


Get active

Hotpod Yoga

Fancy taking up a new hobby? Why not give Hotpod yoga a go! Transport yourself to an other world in a cocoon of glowing lights and heady aromas, helping you to stretch it out and escape the pressures of everyday life. Launched back in 2013, Hotpod yoga has developed into a global phenomenon, with over 50 different locations across the globe – and Sunderland is one of them! Renowned for helping you stretch further, breathe deeper and sweat harder, it involves a balanced flow of active and passive postures that work the body while calming the mind.


Mowbray Movers

Stretch those legs with a morning run around Mowbray Park – one of Sunderland’s best-loved landmarks and one of the North East’s oldest parks. Great Run Local is inviting the whole family to take part in a feel-good jog to get those endorphins flowing and put all that Christmas feasting to good use! Take it easy with a 2K run, or sweat it out during a 5K challenge.


Care for the environment

Why not make it your resolution to have a big recycle effort this festive season? We’ve teamed up with Sunderland City Council to give you a fool-proof guide on how to make it happen…

BLUE BIN: food and drink packaging, tins, cans, bottles, cardboard, aerosols, foil, plastic, cartons, newspaper and magazines.

HOUSEHOLD BIN: Christmas cards with glitter, plastic-coated holograms, shiny foil.

BLACK BIN: Paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, telephone directories, catalogues, envelopes, printed paper and loose shredded paper.

What do I do with my Christmas tree, we hear your ask? Recycle them! Drop yours off at one of the many household waste and recycling centres around the city and let the experts dispose of them for you in an environmentally-friendly way. And if you can’t get your tree to a recycling centre, just put it into your brown garden waste bin ready for collection and wait for the friendly waste collection team to whisk it away.


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