S43 have launched two new American craft beers as part of their brand evolvement and diversification plans in to the UK craft beer market.

The North-East based brewery launched their ‘evolution’ campaign last year with a whole new look changing their brand logo and their name from Sonnet 43 Brew House to simply S43. They have now introduced two new beers as part of their development plans; Get Snozzed and Go Go Juice.

While the brewery has always believed in experimentation in their recipes, Michael Harker, Head Brewer of S43 will continue to manage the English ales, while new Senior Craft Brewer, Alex Rattray has been appointed by the company to add a burst of inventiveness into the products through American craft.

Introducing a whole new look and feel to the brand, Get Snozzed and Go Go Juice introduce a series of one off limited edition releases by S43.

The two pale ales are an integral part of the brewery’s business development plan, which focusses on diversifying S43’s offering with a range of progressive new beers yielded from an American craft beer style for the UK Market.

Each recipe in this range will be crafted by Alex, who’s mandate is to be as explorative and experimental as possible. The brewery has also confirmed that upgrades in their equipment are now complete, enabling them to produce new flavour forward batches.

Go Go Juice is a strong New England IPA with an ABV of 6.5% the beer’s tasting notes describing it as having a strong fruity flavour profile, like ‘biting into a fresh piece of fruit right off a tree’. Expect big tropical aromas with pineapple, mango and citrus finishing with a soft bitterness.

The second new line product Get Snozzed is a slightly thicker and sweeter Double IPA with a whopping 7.3% ABV in keg & can. The Taste profile Starts off as candy floss sweet, the flavour then turns fruity with infusions of papaya and mango, leaving a lingering sweetness and creamy texture.

Both new line products for S43 Brewery are vegan friendly.

While S43 have made it very clear they are switching up their image, they assure all consumers that their brand message and heritage remain the same.

Managing Director of the brewery, Mark Hird said: ‘S43 has a strong English heritage that will remain consistent in all of our business development plans.

Our primary focus in the past has been to create quality English ales, which will persist with our Head Brewer Michael Harker. However, with Alex’s appointment we’re keen to keep up with current consumer trends and find our place in the UK American craft market.’

‘This new range has given us a renewed vigour and real spark of creativity in our new hop-forward batches. Ultimately our brand message is ‘for the love of beer’, and whether this is through traditional English ales or American craft beers we simply want our consumers to appreciate our beers.’

‘To launch these new beers, we have collaborated with a young creative team to ensure our brand message is communicated effectively to our existing market. This is their first commercial creative brief and we’re thrilled with the outcome of their work so far.’

With plans to also collaborate with fellow state brew house Fortnight Brewing Co. in late 2019, it is a very exciting year for this North-East brewery.

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