Poetic License Independent Small Batch Distillery announce their next Rarity Gin, “Pink Grapefruit and Tonka Bean.”

This is their first limited edition gin of 2019; and it is the ninth creation within their ‘Rarity’ range. A thousand bottles of the spirit will be produced and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Rarities range launched in 2017, during which time there were 4 limited edition flavoured gins produced. Since Poetic License have gone on to produce a Sweet Bell Pepper and Naga Chilli gin and a Tutti Frutti gin in 2018.

The latest limited edition, Pink Grapefruit and Tonka Bean, has been described as having a tart and tangy burst of flavour with a subtle sweet finish.

Mark Hird, Managing Director of Poetic Licence Distillery said, “It’s safe to say pink grapefruit is an emerging trend in the gin industry and our distiller has really thought outside the box by pairing this with the Tonka bean to create a sweet vanilla coupling with the bitterness of the grapefruit.

It’s bolder, wilder and I believe more authentic than anything else on the market.

“The nose on the gin mingles with the pink grapefruit and acutely blends the taste of the Tonka bean, one that endeavours to supply tones of vanilla, liquorice and caramel. On the palette, the flavour is juniper forward but has an immediate vanilla sweetness that is reinforced by a fresh, sharp citrus punch. It’s up there as one of my personal favourites within our Rarity range!”

Senior distiller, Lewis Hendry, commented on his latest creation: “What we have done with this gin is to truly explore two very distinct, almost oxymoronic flavours and combine them to create a unique blend that that offers both the strong citrus power of the pink grapefruit alongside the support of the darker, warmer undertones of the vanilla essence supplied by the tonka beans. Of course, the Gin will have the punchiness of the Juniper but this helps

accentuate the other flavours on the palette, this leads the gin to have a very diverse taste profile and why I was so keen to experiment with these flavours and create the type of gin that we have.”

“As this is my first creation for Poetic License Distillery as Senior Distiller, I wanted to give the recipe a lot of thought and create something really special.

After doing some research into the ingredients of this gin I found that the number 9 in Chinese culture signifies longevity, reflecting superiority and is also traditionally associated with the ruling Chinese emperor.

This is the kind of ethos I wanted to replicate from not only a personal level but also that of the distillery, being able to produce and provide premium quality products that will enable this Gin to sit perfectly in the Rarity range line-up.”

The perfect pour for this gin is simply over ice with Mediterranean tonic, garnished with an extra pink grapefruit peel and a sprig of mint. The gin will be available to purchase from the end 15th March 2019 via www.poeticlicensedistillery.co.uk

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