Big news! Our friends at Sunderland Culture have commissioned North East playwright, Scott Young, to create a new community play.


Find out more about Pursuers of the Future as it hits our screens this November…


Back in January, prior to the first Lockdown, Sunderland Culture commissioned north east playwright Scott Young to create a new community play.

Work on the play, Pursuers of the Future, has continued despite the restrictions imposed during the global pandemic.

This exciting new play is based around a mix of myth and folklore, and it features conversations with the people of Sunderland.

Now the play’s producer is ready to share parts of the play to get feedback before completing the production.

Sections of the play will be live-streamed on Sunderland Culture’s Facebook page on Sunday (Nov 22) at 7pm. The unique part about it? Actors will be performing from their own homes!

The Sunderland Culture commission was for a playwright to work with local residents and community groups to write a new play based on their hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future of the city.

The play’s premiere was to be an outdoor performance in September, but now it’s headed online instead!



Corinne Kilvington, of Theatre Space North East, who is both producing and directing Pursuers of the Future explained: 

“We’ve been developing the script and working with our cast of about 20 community actors and now we’re at a stage where we want to share where we’re up to and get some feedback to further shape Scott’s work,”

“We’ve been working in twos or threes, but on Sunday, November 22 at 7pm we’re putting together sections of the second draft with all of the actors performing from their individual homes and linked online.

“We’re inviting anyone who would like to join us to do so, and would love to hear their feedback – what’s great and what could be improved. That feedback will help inform the last draft of the play,” she added.

“There are two threads to it: there is an intimate portrayal of a Sunderland family, their thoughts and tribulations, and then there is a more epic tale involving the Lambton Worm.

“Obviously we’ve had to work round some pretty tricky restrictions, but we’ve managed and the cast have been great. The company we’ve put together responded to a call-out and is a great mix of people.”


To see the live streaming of sections of Pursuers of the Future, go to Sunderland Culture’s Facebook page on Sunday at 7pm.



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