How good is Chilli Mangoes, SR1’s South Indian Street Food restaurant? Let’s find out…


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Join our resident Instagram foodie Eleanor Ward (@eatwithellll) as she takes Vibe on a journey through a world of South Indian Street Food at SR1’s Chilli Mangoes. 

As you approach Tavistock Place, your eyes are immediately drawn to the colourful bricks surrounding Chilli Mangoes. Sunderland is becoming famous for its array of Indian restaurants and I was already excited to visit Chilli Mangoes for the first time! They specialise in South Indian cuisine and their menu boasts a wide range of tasty Indian street food. 

Chilli Mangoes have just undergone a change of management, but as a customer you would never know. Everything ran smoothly from the moment we stepped through the door. We were greeted promptly by staff and made to feel welcome. All dishes arrived in good time and they even asked if we wanted a break between courses, to which we happily obliged.

 Chilli Mangoes curry

The interiors are just something else. Everywhere you look is so plush and vibrant and it feels very luxurious inside. It was early evening when we visited so things were a bit more subdued but I can imagine a bit later on with music playing and alcohol flowing, the atmosphere will be buzzing! 

We sat down and eagerly scoured their menu. If you’re anything like me, I had already downloaded their menu and salivated over their options in advance. Although I had already looked at their choices, I still felt overwhelmed with options, which to me can only be a good thing. They serve a variety of meats including chicken, lamb, fish as well as paneer if you fancy a veggie option. They offer some traditional curries along with some specials that were new to me. 

We had poppadoms and chutneys while waiting for the starters. I even dared to try their spiciest chutney and I was left feeling a bit red-faced.

For starters, we ordered the Chicken Chaat, Chicken 65 and the Beef Kappa. The Beef Kappa is back by popular demand, being a favourite of new manager Ahmed. The Chaat is my boyfriend’s favourite starter of all time and this time was no exception. The Chicken 65 was so tender and had a nice kick to the sauce. The winner for me had to be the Beef Kappa though as it was very moreish. 

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For mains, we opted for the Lamb Bhuna and the Chicken Street Masala with boiled and vegetable rice. Both curries were very tasty and the portions were anything but stingy. The Street Masala had a really good kick to it, without blowing my head off! As my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach, I also insisted on sampling their spicy chips and I’m so glad I did as they were DELISH! 

Of course it wouldn’t be proper Indian without a nan to mop up the extra sauce, so we got a garlic nan to share. All washed down with pints of Cobra and a Chilli Mango Tango, their signature cocktail! 

If curries aren’t your vibe or maybe you want to stop being a creature of habit like me, then also offer a range of Indian Street food including burgers and pizzas! 

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If you want to treat your tastebuds but you’re on a budget, they offer a set menu every night between 5-7pm. If you’re indecisive/greedy like me and find yourself wanting to sample a little bit of everything, try their Thai Night every Thursday, where you can get 3 starters, 2 mains, a side and a nan for less than £15! 

They say first impressions count, well if that’s the case, I honestly can’t fault Chilli Mangoes. The staff were lovely and attentive, the portions sizes were really decent and every single plate of food was packed with flavour. 

Chilli Mangoes is a hidden gem, but I’m sure it won’t remain hidden for long. I can’t wait to go back and get my hands on one of their spicy burgers!

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