Shopping Sunderland has stepped up a notch. In a bid to stay Covid secure as Local Restrictions Sunderland continues, five marshalls are now on hand to offer the latest advice on how to stay safe while out and about.




















Five marshalls, funded by Sunderland BID and Sunderland’s Clinical Commissioning Group, are currently working each day across the city centre, encouraging shoppers and visitors to abide by the latest rules which have been put in place to help prevent a further lockdown.

Five marshalls are helping Sunderland’s local economy stay on track, by making people aware of how to stay socially distanced.

Their appointment is also good news for people who -in a survey carried out by Sunderland BID early in the summer  – said one of their biggest concerns about returning to the city centre was the behaviour of others.

As Local Restrictions Sunderland continue, this is a timely introduction to our city’s shopping scene.

The marshalls’ role includes asking people to wear face coverings at key points across the city including the Bridges, Park Lane Interchange and at cafes and restaurants where at takeaway service is available.

At the same time they will also be helping to ensure that queues outside of businesses are social distanced and dispersing any groups of more than six people, along with enforcing the one way system in the tunnel between Fawcett Street and Market Square.




Anyone who is exempt from wearing a face covering will now need to have evidence with them or may be refused entry.

“The marshalls role is about helping people in a friendly way to abide by the restrictions, which are vital to help us avoid any possible future lockdown,” said Sharon Appleby, Head of Business Operations at Sunderland BID.

“So far we’ve had a really positive reaction to their presence from both shoppers and businesses.

“It’s important that we take all the steps we can to ensure the city centre remains a safe place to visit, as this will not only help stop the spread of COVID-19 but also help protect jobs and the local economy.”

David Chandler, Deputy Chief Officer and CFO for Sunderland CCG added;“the CCG is keen to support this initiative which is aimed at helping us all to stay safe and protecting the NHS during these extremely difficult times.”

Sunderland City Council and Nexus, which manages the Park Lane Interchange, is also supporting the scheme.

Nexus Customer Services Director Huw Lewis said: “Our customers can feel safe using public transport, including stations and interchanges, because of the hard work by Nexus and bus operators to be Covid-secure.

“ The best thing we can all do is wash hands frequently and wear face coverings in busy spaces, including throughout  any journey by bus and Metro, and when passing through stations.

“Our teams are working hard to remind people about face coverings and social distancing, and we welcome the addition of marshalls in Sunderland city centre to reinforce those messages, to help keep everyone safe.”


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