A Sunderland-based electric motor repair business is creating new jobs and attracting major new customers by expanding its services.

It has introduced a drainage division which delivers drainage repairs, including an innovative solution that saves time and disruption for businesses.

Wearside Rewinds and Services has been an established business for over 30 years.

Ownership of the company was established in the early 1990s when it was purchased by the current owner Darren Burton who bought the company with his father Richard.

Darren recalls they bought it for around £5000, with a van included in the deal.

Since then the company has grown considerably and expanded its range of services.

It has built a strong reputation with local authorities, facilities management, engineering and manufacturing companies, including many suppliers to Nissan, for the quality of its work.

Darren said: “Our success is no secret – we’re honest, transparent and guarantee great customer service.

“Securing the services of the best people has underpinned this growth and we pride ourselves on having an elite team of engineers and electricians who are committed to delivering excellent technical assistance combined with first class customer service.

“Alongside this continued growth the company ethos has been to develop and maintain strong customer relationships.

“We want our customers to know that their needs are paramount and that we will always put their interests first.  We have 12 vehicles on the road to ensure we can respond quickly.

“We’ve gone from 400 sq. ft in our first plant, to 4000 sq. ft in our current plant at Hertburn Industrial Estate, Washington.

“We now have 12 employees and will be taking on another two or three this year because of the growth of our drainage repair work.”

The drainage unblocking and repair division includes the use of an innovative resin sleeve, much like a stent in heart surgery.

The engineers first use cameras to find the crack or blockage in the drain, which can pinpoint the blockage to within 100mm, and then insert a packer covered in an epoxy resin sleeve, which is then filled with compressed air.

The packer is then pulled out leaving the resin outer sheath to coat and seal the damaged pipework. This eliminates the need to dig up the area to expose the pipework.

The drainage division includes CCTV Camera Surveys, high pressure jetting, all types of blockages cleared, no dig patch repairs, as explained above and all types of pump maintenance and repair.

Customers include Sunderland Royal Hospital, Sunderland Eye Infirmary, Newcastle College and Northumbria University.

Sunderland City Council has worked with Wearside Rewinds and Services for many years.

Darren Burton has high praise for the City Council. He said: “The business investment team at Sunderland City Council has been fantastic.

“They’ve advised and supported us across the years, on key matters such as major equipment and setting up a website, both of which have helped us win new business.”

Cllr Michael Mordey, deputy leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “Wearside Rewinds and Services is proud of its reputation for customer excellence, and ambitious in looking for new areas to offer its services.

“It’s great that the company has thrived in Sunderland and introduced innovative solutions to help it grow.

“I’m delighted that the City Council is working alongside Wearside Rewinds and Services, and wish the company every success as it continues to expand.”

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