How do you approach training in your organisation? Some employers feel this question is hard to approach in current times.

Assessing the overall objectives of training, inducting new team members, keeping up with industry standards or delivering new processes. For some organisations, these areas constantly require time and resources to manage.

What we also shouldn’t lose sight of (through the mountain of paperwork and processes) is the most important factor… people!

Obvious right? Your team is at the heart of your business.

However, it’s easy to lose sight of the obvious, especially during the pandemic when it felt like your business was faced with every challenge perceived possible.

But as we reflect on the past year, and refocus strategies toward a sustainable future, what remains true is – people are key to an organisation’s success!

Most organisations have a dedicated team focused on training and education. This could be teachers, human resources practitioners, or trainers in contact centres – those who work to support the development of others.

These individuals will drive the business by focusing on employee performance, engagement and productivity, retention and growth, employee skills and knowledge, morale and motivation, and so much more!



The University of Sunderland has been collaborating with North-East organisations to develop higher degree apprenticeships which can enhance the skills and knowledge of those involved in training and education delivery.

In response, the University created the Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship which blends together practical work-based learning and academic study. The programme has already successfully welcomed applicants from the NHS, community education providers and alternative provision schools.

Research tells us we forget much of what we have learned in a matter of weeks, if not days.  Where this is known to significantly improve is if that knowledge is meaningful, and if it is revisited at different times.  Work-based learning programmes (such as apprenticeships) can really make a difference, as apprentices learn continually – both on and off the job.

The Learning and Skills programme covers the fundamental principles of teaching, learning and assessment. Including, effective programme design, how to develop personalised learning, and quality considerations. Course content is underpinned by research-informed practice and is designed to develop transferable skills, knowledge and behaviours that can be brought to the workplace to drive quality improvements.

For employers, the programme is a great way to invest in your workforce by upskilling existing employees and attracting new ones.

For apprentices, it presents an opportunity for focused personal and professional development that can support career progression. It is a flexible solution to obtain a university qualification which ensures a work, life, and study balance.

Successful completion of the apprenticeship leads to an accredited teaching qualification for the Education and Training Sector.

The cost-effective nature of higher and degree apprenticeships contributes to business sustainability, meaning firms can better future proof operations and begin to lay out succession plans – now is the time to develop your workforce!



Businesses can benefit from funding to support apprenticeships. For levy-paying employers it’s an opportunity to attract talent to your business, train your staff and enjoy the ultimate return on investment from your levy payments. For smaller businesses, the Government will fund up to 95% of apprenticeship tuition fees. Employers can also claim an incentive payment of £3,000 for employing a new apprentice of any age before 30 September 2021.

The Learning and Skills Teacher apprenticeship programme is due to start September 2021. There are a series of information events taking place over the coming weeks which will provide an opportunity to discuss the programme in detail. Register your place here:

Visit the Learning and Skills Teacher apprenticeship programme website Learning and Skills Teacher Apprenticeship | The University of Sunderland or contact the team direct at [email protected]

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