Sunderland is a wonderful city. We’re blessed with beautiful buildings, a wonderfully rich heritage and the friendly faces us Sunderland folk are renowned for. All of which is evident when we see the incredible people caring for the more vulnerable sectors of the community, taking care of our streets and helping improve the city centre.

This winter, UNISON City of Sunderland Local Government Branch are celebrating their Hidden Heroes of Sunderland Council. From the amazing work of the Environmental Health team to the inspirational Housing Options team, take a look at the brilliant work going on in the city.

The people working tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep our city a clean and pleasant place to be…


Infrastructure and Commercial

Wearside has undergone a significant increase in development and growth to its infrastructure network.

As a result, the Infrastructure and Commercial team have been assisting in the delivery of various exciting city-wide projects.

From site supervision of high-value projects, to overseeing the improvement of the city’s highways, the team behind Infrastructure and Commercial are brilliant at keeping our city running efficiently.

The safe and efficient movement of people and goods across the city is a high priority for the Infrastructure and Commercial section.

They also oversee the management and improvement of the city’s highways, bridges, structures, flooding and coastal protection.

Housing Options Team

A vital section of Sunderland City Council, the Housing Options Team work around the clock to make sure everyone in Wearside has a comfortable roof over their head.

Working closely with customers and various partner agencies, the incredibly helpful team leave no stone unturned in providing housing for Wearside’s wonderful population.

Facing daily challenges that are regularly stressful and often heartbreaking, the Housing Options Team are definitely one of Sunderland City Council’s Hidden Heroes.

Customer Service Network

This amazing section of Sunderland City Council improves people’s lives across Wearside. Those who have a query or need assistance can speak to the friendly folk over at the Customer Service Network.

With customer service centres in Sunderland, Houghton-le-Spring and Washington, the team offer a range of vital community services; from housing and council tax benefit advice, to a wide range of council services, the Customer Service Network is open work 24/7, 365 days of the year to help improve people’s lives and meet the needs of thousands of customers.

Great work guys.

Environmental Health Team

The Environmental Health Team are the backbone that help keep Wearside’s streets looking beautiful, clean and safe.

From keeping the regions properties looking pristine with regular structure checks, to creating beautiful new plant displays across the city, the Environmental Health Team help protect residents and provide a vibrant, healthy city that locals can be proud of!

An insight into the fantastic work carried out by various sectors of Sunderland City Council. Let’s hear it for the Hidden Heroes of Sunderland!

For more information on the superb work going on at Sunderland City Council, you can go to: CITYOFSUNDERLAND.UNISON/HIDDEN-HEROES

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