Thousands of international students are changing their lives after gaining qualifications from the University of Sunderland.

Currently there are more than 6,000 students in different countries across the world studying for a UoS qualification.

The figures are revealed as the University’s new Vice Chancellor, Sir David Bell, makes his first visit to the institution’s Hong Kong campus.

Sir David said: “The University rightly prides itself on being a global institution. As well as students from over 100 countries studying in Sunderland and London, we have a strong presence overseas.

“Our Hong Kong campus has over 600 students studying there. We offer a wide variety of programmes, usually to people in work who want to enhance their job prospects. Our location in the business district puts us in an excellent position to respond to the changing needs and demands of both employers and employees.

“I am also meeting some of our transnational education partners in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Through these relationships, and many others, over 6,000 students worldwide are studying for Sunderland qualifications.

Add in over a 1,000 students who are independent distance learners with us and you get a sense of the scale of our operation internationally.

“Making all of this happen requires dedicated staff, both in the UK and elsewhere. Fortunately, we are very well-served in that respect.”

Two years ago the University’s international footprint took a big step forward when it launched the Hong Kong campus.

Officially opened on March 2, 2017, the campus helped break the mould in terms of international student opportunities.

Based in the heart of Central, Hong Kong, the campus enables students to attain a globally recognised degree from a UK university.

Students who are based in the Asia campus are encouraged to take that important step in broadening their own international footprint.

The learners can opt to study a semester or two in the UK – at either the university’s London Campus or in the North East – gaining vital networking opportunities and future career contacts.

The campus offers a variety of courses for students from Bachelors’ degrees with honours to top up degrees and post-graduate programmes.

No stranger to Asia, the University has had long-standing success for the past 20 years, having partnered with HKU Space and Hong Kong College of Technology.

For more information on The University of Sunderland in Hong Kong, click here.

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