It’s not often we’re treat to beaming sunshine here in Wearside, so when we are it’s time to round up the family and take advantage of the best beaches in Sunderland!


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We’ve got so much beautiful coastline in our region, with some of the best beaches in the north east. Here’s our pick for some of the best beaches in Sunderland!

Seaburn Beach (Whitburn North)


Seaburn Beach VIBE

“Seaburn” by Lord Biro is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.


One of the most popular beaches in the region, located only a couple of miles from the city centre, Seaburn Beach is a sandy delight for that the whole family can enjoy. Always packed with kids playing and making sand castles whilst adults enjoy the golden sand, glistening water and sunny rays, Seaburn beaches are the perfect place to head for a classic beach day out.

The promenade runs alongside the beach and makes for a lush coastal walk with an ice cream in hand! You can head north or south towards Roker for a mile or two, discovering some lovely little fish and chip shops along the way. There’s also a car park and children’s play areas, if, for some reason, they get sick of rolling around in golden sand dunes and jumping in the sea! Why would you ever get sick of that?

If you’re into water sports, this sandy beach has you covered as well! There’s always a good amount of people catching waves, surfing, sailing and occasionally wind surfing.

Dog walkers, make sure you have a look at restrictions online before you visit, as dogs are not allowed on certain parts of the beach from May to September.

Roker Beach (Whitburn South)


Roker Beach VIBE

“Roker Beach” by Xanic Lopez is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0.


Moving further along our coast, we come one of the hidden gems when it comes to beaches in the United Kingdom – not just Sunderland. Roker Beach is a must visit beach when you’re making a day trip to Sunderland on a sun-kissed day.

Again, located only a mile or two from the centre of Sunderland, this beach is easy to access after quick city shopping trip.

Discover the relaxing walks and dramatic views around this beach, or simply hit the sands and wear your best swimming gear for a refreshing dip in the ocean! Or, if you’ve had enough of the sand between your toes, why not check out the model railway, boating lake and display gardens at Roker Park.

Water sports enthusiasts, this is another one for you! With lifeguards on-duty and a reputation for perfectly sized waves, Roker is a great spot for wind-surfing, jet-skiing, sailing and just about any other water sport you can think of.

You can also take a stroll down the south pier, take a tour of the lighthouse or stand upon the cliffs and spot some dolphins if you’re really lucky! Yes, we do actually have dolphins in Sunderland!

Dog are restricted to certain areas of the beach, so be sure to check on these restrictions before letting your pooch loose on the sand.

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Seaham Beach


Seaham Beach VIBE

“Seaham Beach” by colgregg is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


It may be known lovingly as ‘Chemical Beach’ by some locals, referring to its industrial past, but don’t let this nickname put you off. Seaham’s north Beach is all you could want from a summer beach day-out in Sunderland.

Another hidden gem in the Sunderland costal crown, this picturesque sandy beach, with a few areas of rocks, goes on for a mile past the north of the town and harbour.

This lush beach is backed by a stroll-worthy promenade, with low-rise cliffs and grassy ares behind where you can relax with a bite to eat from one of the many tasty local cafes.

Take a break from the beach with a quick sight-seeing trip to discover Seaham Hall and the iconic Tommy statue in the centre of the town.


Sunderland City Beach


Sunderland City Beach VIBE


If you don’t fancy venturing too far from the city – then just stay there! Sunderland City Beach is a small, urban beach found on the south side of Roker Pier. Literally right on the doorstep of shops, cafes, and everything else in the centre of Sunderland.

This sandy spot is perfect for a quick dog walk or some fish and chips in the sunshine. Sheltered by the pier and a sea wall to the south, past that there’s a the harbour where the River Wear enters the sea.

If you fancy a longer seaside walk in Sunderland, head along to south bank of the River Wear and you’ll find Sunderland Docks. From there you can walk along the pier to the iconic red and white striped lighthouse that has been there since 1903.

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