Faraday Gamble-Gittings heads down to Sunderland Empire to witness the enchanting performance of Swan Lake. Here’s what she thought…


The Birmingham royal ballet have graced Sunderland with their gorgeous production of Swan Lake and I had the pleasure of watching the magic come to life on stage.

In the 175 years since it was first produced, Swan Lake has become a classic, and it’s clear to see why. The Four act ballet tells the story of first love, deceit and even magic against a modest but beautiful set design.


Swan Lake


This enchanting story follows Prince Siegfried who is out hunting one night and encounters a flock of swans. He meets Odette, a young woman who explains that she and her companions were turned into swans by the evil Baron Von Rothbart. The pair fall in love which comes with its fair share of complications due to Odette only being able to take human form between midnight and daybreak.

This magical tale comes with ups, and downs, manipulative plots, enchanting routines and an exquisite set.

Every single member of the company danced magnificently and created an experience like no other.


Swan Lake


A hand much be given to Riku Itu, who played the role of the prince’s friend. He outshone the company and is a credit to the group, which is the United Kingdom’s leading touring Ballet Company.

Each dancer moved with grace and transported the audience into the world of royalty and love.

Beatrice Parma, who played Odette, cast her own spell on us as she floated across the stage and moved with the delicacy and poise of a white swan. Her movements looked effortless, and she played the part of princess just as well as she did Swan.



The royal Ballet Sinfonia played Tchaikovsky’s compositions spectacularly and with all the drama and attention they demand, only adding to the experience as they played live.

The tragedy, drama and atmosphere were only complimented by the sumptuous Empire Theatre which plays host to this renowned story of passion, ill-fate and power. As the North East’s premier venue, The Empire’s Edwardian décor is the perfect setting.

Swan Lake


Everything about this performance was note-perfect, from the glittering costumes and the chemistry between dancers, who moved perfectly in sync with one another.

The white tutus of the swan Maidens moved like a flock of cygnets as they danced perfectly in time. There is no faulting the production, which even managed to bring a tear to our eye. This show will have you pirouetting out of the theatre.



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