What To Do In Sunderland

Looking for things to do in Sunderland? Take a look at a list of free events, tourist attractions and days out you can enjoy in Sunderland.

The best gyms in Sunderland for 2023

One of the most common new year’s resolutions that almost everyone has is to ‘get fit’. The easiest way to actually achieve this goal is to get yourself to one of the best gyms in Sunderland! It’s much easier to get fit if you actually commit to some sort of gym...

The cheapest places to park in Sunderland

What are the cheapest places and free places to park your car in Sunderland? We’ve listed the cheapest car parks in this handy list, alongside car parks that offer free parking throughout the city. With this guide you’ll never be left out of pocket or looking for...

Everything you need to know about Port Independent

Here's everything you need to know about Port Independent, Sunderland's only independent clothing shop, coffee shop and craft beer shop all in one!  Tucked away on St.Thomas’ Street, Port Independent has been a fixture for the fashion conscious folk of Sunderland for...

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