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When the boat comes in…

25 May 1931















Recognise where this is the city? Yep, you guessed it. This is an incredible image of Hendon Fish Quay from 1931. Appearance and technology may have dramatically changed in 89 years, but Hendon Fish Quay – as it is today – was a buzzy hub of fishy activity.

Originating some time in the mid-1800s, the fish and chip dish began to grow exponentially as the growing, working class people of Britain’s industrial population searched for a cheap, delicious meal that could be eaten within dinner break and with minimum fuss.

You could say that Sunderland’s industrial and maritime prowess was partly fuelled by fish and chips!

With Sunderland at the forefront of maritime technology, steam trawlers and fishing boats allowed for fast distribution of fish around the city.

Everyday, hardened fisherman would brave the North Sea, battling waves upwards of 20ft to bring in a fresh batch of cod and haddock for hungry mouths at Hendon Fish Quay.

Fish and chips were that popular that the Territorial Army even prepared for battle by serving the dish in special catering tents at training camps in the 1930s.

Nowadays, we venture downstream to The Fish Quay Shop. A local business with a wealth of experience. Check them out next time you’re down the coast.

Do you reckon fish and chips from the 30s would taste as good as our Wearside chip shops now?

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