Autumn boots you need to have

Boots are a big deal, especially when the temperature plummets and we try our best to stay warm.

Everyone should have a good variety of boots at their disposal but if you are a little short, worry not, as we’ll be telling you everything you need to know in this article.

Whether you prefer to go for a classic look, like with a pair of women’s Ted Baker boots or something a bit more daring, we’ve got you covered.


1. The Classic Knee-High Boots


A pair of boots that are unlikely to ever go out of style, the classic knee-high boots are a staple in the wardrobes of many and for good reason.

These boots have been popular for as long as we can remember, looking great in a variety of different settings and offering plenty of variety, both in terms of style and accompanying outfit.

Whether you decide to wear them in a casual setting with a simple skirt and shirt pairing or want to dress it up somewhat with a dress and belt, these classics will look amazing regardless of the occasion.

You can get them in several different styles, with either a flat or heeled sole, as well as in leather, suede, or synthetic material.


2. Go-to Ankle Boots


A pair of boots that can be worn all year round, ankle boots are a mainstay in many wardrobes and for good reason too.

They’re perfect for those transition months that are notoriously difficult to dress for, especially as we leave the warmer summer months for the colder, wetter autumn and winter months.


3. The All-Timer Wellington Boots


What can we say about a pair of wellington boots that hasn’t been said a million times before?

They’re maybe the ultimate pair of boots you should have at your disposal in the winter, especially when the weather is wet and the ground is soggy.

If you need boots for the autumn, Wellington boots are the go-to.

They’re super useful to have if you plan to spend time outdoors this autumn, helping you get around without having to get your feet soaking wet, plus they’ll keep you warm enough to make the trip at least a little bit enjoyable.

While Hunter Wellington boots are the go-to, there are many brands out there to choose from.


4. Dr Martens Boots


A pair of boots that have been immensely popular for decades now, Dr Martens boots have undergone a transformation of sorts in the past few years, moving away from the punk rocker and hooligan scene to become a fashion mainstay in the outfit of many, especially those not closely affiliated with their movement.

They’re a great way for you to add an edge to your outfits this autumn. They’re built to last, meaning you won’t be rushing to buy a new pair anytime soon, though we think you’ll definitely end up owning multiple pairs in different styles.

They tread the line between smart, casual, and edgy to perfection.


5. The Fitted Second Skin Boots


Something that’s quite out there and not to everyone’s taste, these second-skin boots are tight-fitting and are essentially knee-high socks with a sole attached to the bottom.

They mightn’t be your cup of tea, but if you want a look closer to high fashion, we think you’d love these.


6. The Daring Cowboy Boots


If you want to unleash your inner American country rocker, you absolutely need to have a pair of cowboy boots.

What makes cowboy boots so useful is that they can be worn from the summer right up until it’s beyond freezing outside, with their versatility making them really handy if you want to keep your wardrobe as trim as possible.


7. The Cosmopolitan Chelsea Boots


Chelsea Boots are an essential in any wardrobe!

Nothing screams early 00s indie band member more than a pair of black Chelsea boots, and they’re the ultimate pair of boots that look great both at work and when you’re out and about.

They’re as classic as they come and look great on men and women!

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