Your trusted voice when it comes to dining out in Sunderland. Here’s what we thought of Wild Fire Pizza at The Ship Isis, the brilliant new pizza offering serving up the finest Neapolitan-style pizzas in Sunderland… 


A jewel in Sunderland’s hospitality crown… 


Josh Wild and Joe Collins have teamed up for a new venture that sees Wild Fire Pizza serving at the Ship Isis on a permanent basis


There’s been a raft of pizza parlours popping up around the North East in recent months, and one of the shining lights of these new pizza offerings is based right here in Sunderland city centre. 

Wild Fire Pizza is the brilliant new venture from local lad, Josh Wild. With several lockdowns crippling the hospitality industry across the UK, Josh had the ingenious idea of starting a mobile pizza parlour following rave reviews from family and friends.

And so Wild Fire Pizza was born. Featuring a temporary stall stationed outside Holmeside Coffee and boasting nothing more than a few fold-away tables to prepare food and a solitary pizza oven covered by an awning outside Holmeside Coffee in the city centre. 

Come rain, sleet, wind and the occasional glimmer of sunshine, Josh was there, with his team and they were knocking out some of the tastiest 12” pizzas one could ever wish to find. 

Wild Fire Pizza soon gained a steady following at Holmeside Coffee – as people from across the North East travelled to Sunderland city centre to get a slice of the action and enjoy coffee, beers and top notch sweet treats from a serving hatch at Holmeside Coffee. Paired with the beautiful confines of Mowbray Park, a trip to Wild Fire Pizza was one of the limited highlights of the week for many people during the various lockdown periods. 

Fast-forward to the summer of 2021 and Wild Fire Pizza has gone from strength to strength. Josh has now teamed up with Joe Collins of The Little Shop (another brilliant indie addition to Sunderland) to begin a new venture that sees Wild Fire Pizza serving at it’s first ever base at the Ship Isis on a permanent basis. 

They’ve upgraded their trusty pizza oven for a state-of-the-art igloo oven, they have six new iterations of pizza to dive into as well as new three dips and two special side orders. 


What we ate… 


The "Wild Fire 2.0" pizza with san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, nduja and salami, and the "Fresh Prince" pizza with san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, and vine tomatoes


A beautifully restored round table overlooking the Ship Isis’ stunning Victorian bar area is the setting for what turns out to be an absolutely incredible tea time experience. 

After sampling a beautiful Jopen beer all the way from Haarlem, Netherlands, we’re swiftly greeted with a ‘Wild Fire 2.0’ and a ‘Fresh Prince’. 

The ‘Wild Fire 2.0’ is, as you probably guessed, Wild Fire’s signature crust. Josh and team have loaded this with stunning san marzano tomatoes, fior di latte, Block & Bottle nduja, smoky slices of salami from Fat Unicorn Kitchen & Stores. It comes complete with thinly sliced garlic as well a handful of chillies and lashing of b-sting hot honey to create an endorphin-inducing dining experience.

Moving onto the ‘Fresh Prince’ and this 12” stunner is quite simply one of the nicest pizzas about. Loaded on top is a rich blend of san marzano tomatoes, a hearty dollop of fior di latte, season red and yellow vine tomatoes. It arrives at the table with a lovely drizzling of basil oil, garlic and stunning parmesan shavings. 

Let’s talk about dips. A small condiment that has a huge impact on pizza enjoyment, we’re thankful to report that Wild Fire’s dip choice is one of the best about. 

From garlic and herb mayo, to a pot of smoky b-sting hot honey and a simply incredible harissa mayo, the dip game is strong and it’s these little beauties that maximise that hand-stretched crust. 

An advantageous choice at the time, a side portion of deep-fried, skin on fries arrives in an American-style basket and features parmesan, an array of delicious herbs and nice showering of salt. 

Although the pizza perfection takes centre stage throughout, grazing on these beauties with a pint of something craft is a tasting experience that will live long in the memory.



A brilliant food venture nestled inside a brilliant venue… 


The Ship Isis pub, Sunderland


This stunning Sunderland pub that’s been named after the Egyptian goddess was beautifully restored back in 2011 and it’s a Victorian sight to behold. 

First built in 1885, this three storey pub with decadent lounge rooms is elaborately decorated and features incredible stained-glass windows, art nouveau friezes and a beautiful bar area adorned with period lighting and ornate wood furnishings. 

It’s been a hive of activity in recent weeks down at The Ship Isis. This is mainly down to the fact that they have been sourcing far and wide for some of the North East’s finest lagers, cask ales and Belgian beers.

So, whether it’s home or roam, in or out – the Ship Isis is the place to visit if you’re after stunning food in a beautiful city centre setting. Pop in on your lunch, or grab a pizza and a pint with your mates as the EURO 2020 action reaches fever pitch. 

Trust us, it won’t disappoint.


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