Employers from across the city gathered at a conference hosted by Sunderland City Council to discuss people’s health and wellbeing at work.

The event at Hope Street Xchange was organised by the Sunderland Workplace Health Alliance in partnership with Pioneering Care Partnership, and featured keynote speakers from the public, business and health sectors.

The Alliance is a multi-agency partnership between Sunderland City Council, local businesses, the NHS and the voluntary and community sector which aims to work collaboratively to improve health and wellbeing within workplaces across the city

After a welcome speech by the Chair of the Alliance, Managing Director from Liebherr-Sunderland Works Ltd, Ralph Saelzer, he introduced the agenda and speakers for the day.

These included the Director of Public Health, Gillian Gibson, who addressed the delegates on the key health issues in Sunderland, while Denise Orange from Public Health England highlighted the role of work in people’s health and well-being.

There were also a series of information sharing sessions where individual businesses described how they support their employees, and tips for what works well in the workplace.

Sunderland Director of Public Health, Gillian Gibson, was one of the key speakers at the event

Sunderland City Council Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, Councillor Dr Geoffrey Walker said; ”People spend the majority of their day at work, so it’s vitally important for them and their employers to have safe, healthy and productive workplaces.

“How to achieve that isn’t always clear, so events like these have a massive role to play in sharing advice, ideas and experiences.

“The Sunderland Workplace Health Alliance plays a lead role in the city, but its long- term success is dependent on the continuing support of employers from across the city and I’d like to thank all the businesses who took part in this event and invited others to join us in the year ahead.”

The event was held to support the aims and objectives of the Sunderland Health and Wellbeing Board, which includes providing business leaders with the practical help and advice they need to improve the health of their employees and achieve a healthier, happier and more motivated workforce in the process.

More than 80 delegates from Sunderland businesses came together to share ideas and plan the Alliance for the next three years till 2021, with Public Health practitioners from Sunderland City Council on hand throughout the day.

The Alliance currently represents 31 Sunderland organisations from large scale employers such as Liebher UK, Berghaus, Barclays and University of Sunderland to medium sized companies such as Station Taxis, Gestamp, and ZF TRW and small businesses such Foundation of Light and Washington Mind.

To find out more about the Workplace Alliance contact Sunderland City Council on 0191 561 1976 and ask for the Public Health team’s Workplace Alliance Support Officer.

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